How much is that?

Interactive energy comparison

Energy is the resource we understand least. It is hard to develop a feel for how much energy we use, and how much we could save. Energy is measured in kilowatt-hours. How much work could you do with kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy?

kWh (drag to adjust) is the energy stored in:

With kWh of energy you could:

As food energy**, kWh could:

kWh is the electricity*** used by an average home in:

* Based on fuel economy of an average UK car in 2012: 5.8 litres/100km

** Based on a recommended daily intake of 10,500 kJ (2,500 calories) for men and 8,400 kJ (2,000 calories) for women

*** UK: 2015 Energy Consumption in the UK (2016 update)
Non-UK: 2011 - Average electricity consumption per electrified household (Source: Enerdata via World Energy Council).